Capturing an NPC 12 Solo

As you progress in the game, you would want to have higher level cities. In Evony Age 2, there are four types of Historic Cities, level 12, 14, 16 and the 18.
An NPC 12 can found ever 18 miles on the x, y axis. In layman terms, this means 1 level 12 NPC is exactly 18 spaces to the left, right, above and below of another level 12 NPC thereby creating a net of level 12 NPCs all over the server. There are a total of 1936 level 12 NPCs per server starting from coordinates 9, 9.

Swordsman Unit

Swordsmen are another resource hog are take high amount of Iron to build.
A swordsman is effective against Archers and but will not be effective against other troop types to that extend. However, the swordsmen are primarily defensive troops and they should be treated that way.

Pikeman Units

Pikemen are hogs for lumber. It costs a lot of this expensive resource to build them but they are most effective against Cavalry.

Warrior units

Warriors are the horde forces in this game. They are extremely inexpensive, build time is the quickest and are easy to feed.

Scout Units

As the name suggests, scouts are used for extracting intelligence. The Scouts will arrive at the enemy city and will provide detailed analysis of the enemy city.

Worker Units

In Evony Age 2 much like the Age 1, Workers are the mule. They have almost no fighting capability, are cheap and carry massive amounts of resources.

Archer Units

Archers is by far the most important and useful of all the unit types available in this game. They are economical, relatively quicker to build when you compare it to high damage mechanical troops and are light on the wallet.