Building a second, third or fourth City

Now that you have built your first city in Evony Age 2 the way you want to, you should build successive cities to grow. A badly planned city will do much more harm than good to you.
Not only would you have to deal with wasted resources but the city will be more or less worthless to you. You city should be carefully planned and this post will try to help you with some tips.
Here is my suggested path for building successive cities:
1st City: Food/Stone/Wood/Iron
2nd City: Wood
3rd City: Iron
4th City: Food
NOTE: By the time you are done with the fourth city, you should convert the first into a purely Wood city. The combination then should be Wood, Wood, Iron, Food.
You will still need 1 each of stone quarry , 1 lumber mill, 1 Iron mine per city so account for that. This is purely due to the requirement of support structures like the Wall. Once you have maxed the support structures, you can get rid of these extra fields and replace them with your city's main resource field.
An ideal city should have the following with a level 9 town hall (TH):
Cottages: 6 of these is ideal. If you are building an Iron city, you will need 8. Newbies tend to think more cottages equate to more troops. This is INCORRECT. You should account for training time of troops as well and this misconception is clearly defeated.
Barracks: 14 barracks per city is desirable. Once you have no need for support structures like the Forge and Stable, you should replace such structures with Barracks.
More Barracks mean quicker troops. This is very important for survival. From my own experience I can say that when scouting for targets, an attacker will perceive the defenders experience in the game just by looking at the town structure.
Warehouse: This is the most useless structure in the entire game. An attacker who has his technologies researched correctly can plunder away most of your resources in the warehouse. My suggestion is to NEVER build this structure.
Beacon Tower: Build this as soon as you can in your city. A Beacon Tower works like an Early Warning System and will make your reports button blink constantly if you are being attacked.
Wall: Needless to say another important structure but just blindly upgrading it will not help. I suggest that you add fortifications like Traps, Abatis and Archer Towers to the brim before you upgrade it to the next level. A naked Wall is of no use.
Marketplace: You will come to respect this badly animated building as you progress in the game. The marketplace is where you buy/sell resources. Early in the game when the server might have just been launched, the price per resource will nearly be the same. However, as the game progresses, you will find that stone becomes dirt cheap whereas wood and iron max out. Food will stay competitive throughout although cheaper early in the game than later on.
Workshop: This building will also gain importance as you progress in the game. The workshop is used to research hero gear and add star levels. The hero gear will add to each of your hero's attributes (attack/politics/intelligence). A maxed out level 100 King/Queen can have a max "pure" attribute of 185. A level 5 researched hero gear will 4 to 5 star level each can shoot this to the area of 250 to 260. An increase of 60 points approximately is a huge gain even if you are a defensive player.
Forge: Required as a prerequisite for construction of the Wall and for Hero Gear research. You can demolish this building once you have your Wall maxed out and your Hero Gear researched completed to the level desired.
Stable: Required as a prerequisite for construction of the Relief Station and for Hero Gear research. You can demolish this building once you have your Relief Station maxed out and your Hero Gear researched completed to the level desired.
Relief Station: Another important building. This building will reduce the traveling time between your cities. This can make or break your city in the event of an incoming attack. A level 9 Relief Station can reduce the troop traveling time by 90%. This time bonus also applies to reinforcements to and from your allies.
Embassy: This building is used for maintaining connection with your alliance. You should have this building maxed to level 9 per city. Also, ensure that the check box "Allow allied troops to garrison" is checked when open the Embassy. Your alliance members cannot reinforce you if this box is not checked. The maximum number of reinforcements at a time is limited by the level of the Embassy.
Inn: This building is required for the construction of the Feasting Hall and is used for recruiting heroes. The level of the Inn is up to the lord to pick but I would not go above level 5. Once you have recruited the maximum number of heroes, you should demolish building as it is completely useless after the recruitment process.
Feasting Hall: The Feasting Hall is used to house your heroes. The maximum number of heroes in your city is limited by the level of your Feasting Hall. This building should be at least level 9 per city and level 10 in your attack cities.
Rally Spot: The Rally Spot is THE most important building in your city closely followed by the Town Hall and the Wall. The Rally Spot determines the number of attacks and amount of troops per attack (wave). Each level of the Rally Spot increases the number of allowed troops per wave by 10,000 and increased the wave limit by 1. A level 10 Rally Spot will let you send 10 waves with maximum 100,000 troops per wave totalling 1,000,000 troops at any given point of time. I suggest each player to upgrade the Rally Spot to level 10 using a Michelangelo Script when possible.

Below is how your city should look like once you are done with most of the research:
  • Barracks: 14 to 16 (All level 9 or more)
  • Cottages: 6 to 8 (All level 9 max)
  • Town Hall: Level 9
  • Rally Spot: Level 10
  • Wall: Level 9
  • Beacon Tower: Level 9
  • Workshop: Level 9
  • Market Place: Between level 5 and 9
  • Relief Station: Level 9
  • Embassy: Level 9 or more
  • Feasting Hall: Level 9

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