Capturing an NPC 10

One of the major requirements for winning your King or Queen in Evony Age 2 is for you to successfully capture an NPC 10. An NPC 10 is not as difficult as it might seem but it does require careful planning to reduce losses which should be your goal. Remember, every unit cost resource, so every lost unit should be treated as lost food/lumber/stone/iron. This will give you are more holistic picture. Also, there is a video embedded in this post that I made for this website. All attacks are stopped at loyalty 40 because you’ll have an idea about how to take the NPC 10 by then.
To successfully capture an NPC 10, you should have a strong attack hero in your arsenal already. Inexperienced players make the initial mistake of trying to level all heroes at once. This is the wrong approach. You should aim to use your topmost attack hero in farming and raids as much as possible so that he gains the most amount of experience and thereby higher attack power. This means fewer losses later on in the game. Once you have reached a stage where your cities are producing more resources than you can use, you should bounce off your other heroes on NPCs with the cheaper warriors and level them up.
NPC level 10 capture video - Stopped at loyalty 40 as its obvious from there.

Now, back to the NPC 10. Below are the troops in an NPC 10:
  • Warriors: 400,000
  • Traps: 11,000
  • Abatis: 5500
  • Archer’s Tower: 3666
  • Rolling Log: 2200
  • Defensive Trebuchet: 1375
If you look at the troop composition, there are only Warriors in the NPC 10 and then the ATs are worth noticing. Throwing Warriors at it will do no good since Warriors are ranked very low in the troops scale and would enter the battle early. This means that your troops will face the traps first and then the entire horde of Warriors needs to be tackled.

Why Layer your Attacks

Archers are the best option because they will make easy work of the warriors. However, you should notice the traps and the AT will also create problems. Trap score the lowest in the Evony’s game engine. This means they will enter the battle first. Next would have been warriors but if we send only archers, the ATs will jump the queue are start shooting. This will require you to add layering so that your Archers are not the first troop type to show their face at the NPCs gates but they also need to be in large numbers to combat the warriors.
Troops Required:
  • Archers: 400,000
  • Warriors: 400,000
  • Workers: 100,000
  • Scouts: 100,000
First Attack

The first wave should consist of 2000 each of Workers, Warriors, Scouts and rest Archers. We are including workers, warriors in the mix because they rank lower than Archers and will be targeted first by the enemy fortifications giving enough time to your Archers to move ahead and get in range of the ATs. Remember, ATs have a higher range than normal archers and can shoot farther. In order to get in range, these 2000 workers and warriors act as distractions. The Scouts will stay back until all troops are at the wall. When this happens, scouts will rush and since their speed is extremely high, they will cross the rest of your troops and throw themselves at the wall and trigger the traps. THIS ATTACK HAS TO BE LEAD BY YOUR MAIN HERO.

Meat Shields

The First wave should have taken out everything in the NPC except the abatis which we don’t count. You now need to follow up with 3 waves consisting of 2000 each of Workers, Scouts, Archers and Rest Warriors. The meat shield is basically expendable troops. Since Warriors are the quickest to build, we use them in heavy numbers. Since the NPC has very few troops compared to what we had in the first wave, these three waves will be just killing off healed troops and the fortifications which have been repaired.

Pre-Loyalty Waves

Send 5 to 6 waves each of 20,000 Warriors, 20,000 Archers, 2000 Workers, 2000 Scouts. They are designed to kill further healed troops though they will be very low in numbers.
By this time all your Heroes should be out of the city. Remember not to give any gap between these waves because time means spawned troops for the NPC.

Loyalty Waves

Once your Heroes have returned from the NPC, send 9 to 10 waves of 20,000 workers and 20,000 archers per wave. These are just to kill spawned troops and reduce loyalty. The first of these waves should be lead by your strongest hero because we have wasted some time waiting for your heroes to return home and now there are some warriors in the NPC.
Keep repeating the loyalty waves until you have the NPC 10 captured. Remember unlike human players, an NPC does not have a loyalty auto drop rule. You need to waste as little time as you can between attacks.

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