Capturing an NPC 8

In order to qualify for your King/Queen in Evony Age 2, you need to capture an NPC 8 and then an NPC 10. For a new player or someone who has been playing a couple of months, an NPC 8 can be quite difficult to capture. I would suggest that you try capturing smaller NPCs like levels 5 and 6 so that you understand the relevance and importance of timing an attack in Evony.
Before I detail the best way to capturing an NPC 8, lets look at what an NPC 8 holds:
  • Food: 8, 000, 000
  • Lumber: 800, 000
  • Stone: 800, 000
  • Iron: 800, 000
  • Gold: 1, 000, 000
  • Warriors: 15000
  • Pikemen: 6750
  • Swordsmen: 3000
  • Archers: 3000
  • Cavalry: 2000
  • Traps: 7200
  • Abatis: 3600
  • Archer Tower: 2400
  • Rolling Log: 1440
  • Def. Trebuchet: 900
The hero of an NPC changes every time you scout it. The wisest thing to do is to scout the NPC until you find a low level hero. Once you find the low level hero, stop scouting that NPC completely.

Another important factor is your main hero's attack stats. The minimum attack attribute of your main hero should be in the range of 170+ to minimize losses. The higher the attack attribute, the lower your losses. I have used a 270 attack hero "Queen" for this example.

Also, you should have the NPC as close to your city as possible. If you have a vacant field just next to your city, wait until it grows to level 8, capture it and build a city. Abandon it right away and you will have an NPC 8 next to your city. This is important since NPCs regenerate troops and fortifications quickly. Lost time means more troops to kill. In another post I have discussed how this happens.
You should also have a high level Rally Spot. In another post I have discussed why this is important.

Disable auto heal from your Rally Spot before starting the attacks. This is because auto heal is almost four times more expensive that manual heal. You can keep healing manually between attacks to keep cost low.

Main Attack: Send 2000 each of Workers, Warriors, Scouts, Pikemen, Swordsmen and rest Archers. Send this attack with your main hero. The layering of troops here is Very important since Evony game engine plays out battles based on rounds. The foot troops (Workers, Warriors, Pikemen, Swordsmen) attack foot units first. The same happens from the NPC point of view. Therefore while the rounds play out and your 2000 each layers are killed, your Archers (Range) have time to strike Archer Towers (Range) and Archer (Range) units of the NPC.
Remember, Foot attacks Foot first, Range attacks Range First, Mount attacks Mount first. Exception: Mount will attack Archers first if there are any in the layer. Scouts are not treated as Foot and will go last but will attack enemy scouts first.

Loyalty Waves: The next 9 waves (assuming you have a level 10 Rally Spot) should contain 2000 each of Workers, Scouts, Pikemen, Swordsmen, Archers and rest Warriors. These waves are meant to kill healed/regenerated units and fortifications. The bulk of these waves should be warriors since they are cheap to build.
Keep sending Loyalty waves continuously as your troops return from battle until you capture the NPC 8.

NOTE: You NEED to have a vacant city slot to capture any city in this game.
I am avoiding Cavalry as a loyalty wave since these are expensive and for newer players it would prove uneconomical.

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